GABY HAAK - beraten, coachen, trainieren

Working in Germany/working with Germans… Understanding the German (business-) culture

Is your company now operating on the German market or have you been sent on an expat-assignment to Germany? If you have the feeling that you could be more successful or that there could be less misunderstandings and more team-work – whatever the issue is – cross cultural coaching and/or training can help! Addressing these topics and sorting them out with a professional and experienced coach will give you an insight into your new workplace with a German team or German team-members.

Similarities and Differences

Having lived in the US, South-Africa, France and Switzerland and having travelled the world for long periods of time from Asia/Asia-Pacific to South America I have spent a lot of time experiencing and learning about our similarities but also about our differences in thinking and communicating. It’s a lot of fun to learn about each other and how words and actions can be perceived. Just the same you can be in a lot of trouble if you ignore the cultural differences there are.


Certainly descriptions of cultural standards are always very abstract and generalized. Accepting that there are many exceptions to the rule and differences throughout the country as well as between individuals, we can identify behavior and communication that is typical for members of one culture.


Use the chance to understand your new colleagues and/or your new team members better. In one2one-coaching sessions or in team-workshops we can broaden views, learn new ways of communication and clarify difficult situations.

Living and working in a new environment and with people of other cultural backgrounds can be very life-enhancing and purely enjoyable. I look forward to accompanying you into this experience.